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Magic of AIR Apps

August 30, 2009 1 comment

AIR App: Shrink-O-Matic

AIR App: Shrink-O-Matic

If you have not already tinkered with Adobe AIR apps, the time has come. Applications running on AIR are essentially light, flexible programs built using internet technologies that can be run locally on a desktop computer (think more powerful apps like on mobile platforms).  The real excitement comes when you discover the wealth of tools available in this format, all generally free. Read below for some recommended applications, as well as links to other resources.  For more info on AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), read some background on Wikipedia.

The idea for this post hit me point-blank as I was struggling to quickly upload an image.  The epic battle of uploading massive images to the internet is something we’re all familiar with.  While I am a Photoshop guru, I am also generally lazy and don’t care to open such a massive application to simply reduce an image.  Enter Shrink-O-Matic, the ever-so minimalist and sassy AIR app.  It serves one purpose: quickly resizing and sampling images.  It opens lightning-quick, and requires nothing more than drag-and-drop to process a photo.

It is niche needs like these where AIR apps can become a massive time-saver.  Another crowd-pleasing AIR app is TweetDeck, the robost desktop application for Twitter which brings features to the network never before conceived.  One such feature is the ability to group people you follow into separate panels.  With Groups you can receive expert opinions on one panel, and on another panel keep track of when your third cousin eats Mac and Cheese.

To discover AIR apps to help you save time, follow the links below.  Go on now, don’t be shy!

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