The Bard (Smith)

The Bard (Smith)

The Bard Blog is a place for musings on various topics that interest me, Brad Smith.  Frequent topics include the internet, gadgetry, cycles (powered and not), life in Wisconsin (Milwaukee), etc.

While the title of this blog may invoke thoughts of Bill Shakespeare, it has a much more ridiculous origin.  At the tender age of 5 years old I demonstrated my mastery of the English language when I scrawled my name for the first time: BARD.  Since then the name has stuck, and I have embraced it as my web persona.

I am a raving web addict, web designer, Technology Product Manager, Wisconsinite, Veteran, Husband, Brother, and certified nutjob.  I’m currently pursuing an MBA and working full-time in Milwaukee.

I hope to engage and amuse any that happen to stumble into my humble Blog.  Please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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